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Meet The Team

Rob Garbutt


Rob has always loved animals and has always had them in his household and taken care of the wildlife around him.   He has had a variety of experience with all sorts of animals including Dogs with various behaviour issues, cats, chinchillas and koi carp to name a few.  He started working for Bristol Pet sitters to help out on weekends or whenever possible aside from his full time job.  He has had experience looking after both small and large dogs and is able to assist in training and rehabilitation for nervous dogs.  He has one dog which is a chocolate Labrador who is extremely well behaved as well as three cats (two of them which are rescue cats).   His wife Vicky also owns the Yate Pet Sitters Franchise which he has always taken part in during his free time as he adores animals and loves having dogs stay with him as part of the family.


As well as Cats and Dogs, Rob also has knowledge and experience of many other animals including, rabbits, guinea pigs, fish, mice, birds, hamsters and rats.  Rob is also very fond of Chinchillas, a species which he has kept and bred for many years and is very knowledgeable in this field.  Rob also has experience in administering medication to animals with various ailments.


Rob is a loving and enthusiastic person.  He is responsible, trustworthy, caring and professional.  He always aims to stay in contact with customers in order to ensure a good honest relationship and excellent customer service.  He aims to provide the best possible care for your animals as he would expect nothing less for his own.